Blogging to Make Money With ONPASSIVE…Updated Apr/9/2020

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This is my first update as to what’s going on here with ONPASSIVE GoLink Team.

This is a great time to be blogging about ONPASSIVE if you are a GoFounder because we are now getting close to  the launch date, although no date been announced, as of yet. However, we have had word that it will be soon.

So here’s my latest update on Wednesday April 8/2020

I’m fired up about what we are doing here and we are just barely getting started. Let me tell you, it’s been a peace of work but the pay off will be phenomenal.

We have been doing some advertising by using email marketing and traffic exchanges for about a week now while we are also still getting set up with the blog for the website. Today I finally got to installing the And it’s January 10/2020

Updates are shown in various places in this post, to better explain how OnPassive works for building your own business vs. being an independent reseller of the OP products.

We currently have 24 members on our platform

What exactly is the purpose of the platform?

We are a team of GoFounders meaning, we are a team of founding members of ONPASSIVE.

And what is ONPASSIVE you ask?

Well, In short, ONPASSIVE is an Information Technology Company.

But when you look under the hood so to speak, the power train is massive.

It’s like an army tank the size of a planet, that is programmed to generate leads and sales for all of their resellers.

When it comes to the products and services of ONPASSIVE, you’re looking at technology that has taken a quantum leap ahead for the rest of the technology being used for online marketing.

OP was designed to power any online or offline business.

Online or offline businesses can use ONPASSIVE to:

  • Host their Domain names and websites.
  • Generate laser targeted traffic for your business.
  • Blog about their business.
  • Manage their teams, staff and projects.
  • Schedule and host online meetings globally.
  • Host online webinars.
  • Create online classes.
  • And much much more…

Every online tool you can possibly need, to run any kind of online or offline business, will be available in your back office of ONPASSIVE.

Using OP to build your own business VS making OP your business.

  • When you build your own business using the ONPASSIVE tools suite: You pay out of pocket monthly the level of access you decide to buy.
  • When you make ONPASSIVE your business, as an independent reseller of the products: you pay out of pocket one time only. But you must pay all levels up to the one you decide to go in at. However, you can start with just the 25 US Dollar level and then upgrade to a higher package later, to speed up the process.

So instead of having 50 different accounts with 50 different companies so to speak, you will have everything available to you in just one account, at a lower price than some suppliers charge for just one of the tools.

For example, if you are a travel agent, you can host your Domain name and website with OP and automate the entire process of selling tickets for vacations and trips. Even have a constant stream of buyers flowing to your website all 100% automated.

ONPASSIVE is also fail-proof for independent resellers of their Products.

That’s right my friend. If you’ve been looking for a way to become successful online and really want to stop worrying about the lack of money, you’ll want to understand what we are telling you here.

If you’d like to make some extra money, and you don’t have a big budget, you can start with OP for a one time out of pocket of just 25 US Dollars and your success is guaranteed.

At this entry level you’ll need to be patient as the system builds your team and eventually gets you set for life as far as money is concerned.

Here’s how the Independent resellers, system works.

There are 4 levels of entry and each level must be paid. Thus the choices are the following:

  • Pay one time out of pocket 25 US Dollars, this gives you all the tools you need to become a successful reseller, but it does not include traffic to get referrals of your own. However, your team and your commissions will immediately start building from spillover coming from your sponsor.
  • Pay both levels. Level 1, 25 US Dollars and level 2, 125 US Dollars, a total one time payment of 150 US Dollars. At this level, you get more online marketing tools and you also get traffic to generate referrals of your own, plus you get spillover from your sponsor. This builds your team and your commissions faster.
  • Pay three levels. Level 1, 25 US Dollars, level 2, 125 US Dollars, and level 3, 250 US Dollars, a total one time payment of 400 US Dollars. At this level, you get even more online marketing tools and you also get more traffic to generate referrals of your own, plus you get spillover from your sponsor. This builds your team and your commissions even faster because you are now generating leads from 2 levels.
  • Pay all four levels. Level 1, 25 US Dollars, level 2, 125 US Dollars, level 3, 250 US Dollars, and level 4, 500 US Dollars, a total one time payment of 900 US Dollars. At this level, you are all in. Here you get access to the entire suite of online marketing tools and your team and commissions will grow at the fastest rate.

Now that you are all in withdrawal commissions will begin to grow in your back office quickly and they will keep growing for the rest of your life.

Financial freedom for all of their users is what ONPASSIVE is really about, whether you own a business of your own or whether you make OP your business. Success is programmed right into their platform either way.

If you decide to become part of this, and the moment you set the wheels of success in motion with OP you no longer have a choice. The system will take over and make you successful and work tirelessly to create complete financial freedom for you.

You don’t need to know how to market, how to sell, how to follow up or any of that. Artificial intelligence handles all of that for you.

So then what is there for you to do?

Hang out with us here at The GoLink Team of ONPASSIVE.

We really are cool people and fun to hang out with.

So you say, well, if ONPASSIVE is such a great platform that does everything for you, then why are we building a team here?

The ONPASSIVE GoLink Team…

Thank you so much for asking.

I was really hoping you would.

And the answer is extraordinarily simple.

We help our members cut time-frames. Meaning, if with ONPASSIVE it would take you 2 years to earn $10,000/month we help you cut that to 1 year so to speak.

By generating traffic and doing a lot of marketing on our own with the help of our upgraded members, we can provide a lot of additional signups for our teams.

At the moment we have 20 Verified members who have signed up to The platform. Our current goal to shoot for is 10 signups per day.

So that is what is going on here at The GoLink Team of ONPASSIVE.

If you want to start having fun hanging out with us, please join our group at: Sphere.

Find us on our YouTube channel as well.

Our Team Platform Website.

In spite of the excitement and the usefulness of the platform with the downline builder and the rotator system, the GoFounders URLs do not load properly through the rotator.

It works fine in the Downline Builder, but not in the Rotator.

Thank you

Team work makes your dream work.

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