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What is the secret potion we use to build such a stable ever growing income stream?

It’s no secret what we are doing here. is generating a lot of organic traffic from search engines as well as paid campaigns. All of this traffic is used to generate leads and signups in ONPASSIVE for all of you upgraded members. is the vehicle we as a team are using to Build our Teams in ONPASSIVE. This is a solid company that pays it's resellers residual income forever...

How can this System Build Your Income on 100% automation?

checkmark People sign up with Your GoLink.Team Link, to generate an online income for the rest of their lives, taking advantage of our steady flow of traffic and leads.
Join Now Next, they login. In the back office of GoLink.Team they sign up with your ONPASSIVE reseller link to become an ONPASSIVE reseller.
checkbox Next, they get automatic traffic from the platform, to start building their team on Both, the ONPASSIVE platform and GoLink.Team platform.


What our members are saying...

  Whether you are brand new at making money online or maybe you've been trying to achieve success for several years, your success is now guaranteed with ONPASSIVE If you just give it a try.

Because once you set the wheels of success in motion, you can no longer fail. It's actually out of your control at that point because the ONPASSIVE system goes to work instantly to create your financial freedom for you. You have no chioce but to succeed.

We understand and fully appreciate that ONPASSIVE is such a solid company and is designed to make all of us successful. What we do here at The GoLink Team of ONPASSIVE...cutting timeframes, bringing your success to your doorstep much quicker.

You do not need to get started with ONPASSIVE, but it gets you to financial freedom faster.

We are looking for people who are serious about generating an ever growing income online And are willing to put up $20/month to make that happen faster.

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Here’s how you can make a passive income your reality.

With ONPASSIVE, your financial freedom is guaranteed. As soon as you plug into the system, it goes to work for you and begins to generate your income and the minute you upgrade yout account it helps build it faster.

The lifetime passive income stream we are helping to build for our members is their ONPASSIVE downline.

This is done through the Team Builder on our platform.

When you join and log into your back office of, there is a form to enter your ONPASSIVE Reseller URL: and then click the Submit button.

When you do this your GoFounders/ONPASSIVE link becomes available to your downline in the Team Builder, so that when they create their account, they will be in your downline.

If you wish to get Automatic Signups, you can become an upgraded member, your affiliate link will then start getting traffic, the price is $20/month.

We pay $6.00 Referral commissions to PRO members per upgrade, We also use 30% of the upgrade money to run paid campaigns. This helps to grow your OnPassive team, to generate passive income for life.

Two passive income streams simultaneously generated for you.

If you see the value in joining our team to boost your team building in ONPASSIVE, or if you are not yet a member of ONPASSIVE, then joining us would be a perfect starting point.

You’ll be surrounded by a team of people who are here to help each other succeed and have fun. Why not enjoy life while prospering at the same time.

Tht is just one of many teams within the ONPASSIVE atmosphere. Different teams may have different ways of working together.

The way we do it, we have a set up that generates a lot of traffic from the search engines and then we also run paid campaigns. And all of that traffic is used to generate leads and signups for our upgraded members.

We do have the tools and resources that are available to free and upgraded members, to use as you like in order to grow your business online.

Our business is to help people like yourself, build hands-free income streams, so you get to spend your time doing what you Love Doing.

As a GoLink.Team member you have TWO ways of growing your downdine in both platforms, ONPASSIVE and GoLink.TeamBoth are paying as long as the downline accounts are being paid.

But the REAL beauty about ONPASSIVE is that it does it automatically. Which. is why we help as many people as we can to build a reseller base as big as possible.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee...


I've told you on this page what we are doing and how you can set in motion your own automated income stream that will keep growing for the rest of your life 100% automatically.

What are you going to do about it?

I realize you may have many unanswered questions as to whether this is true or it it is, then how does it all work?

You can satisfy those questions by creating a free account and then download the free ebook from your Bonus page in your back office.

To Your Success


John Harder

John Harder

P.S. The sooner you get started, the sooner your financial freedom will become a reality.